Sifatec & the Exhibition halls in Bressoux: a success story

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SIFATEC, an innovative fall protection system designed for installation on sandwich panels, enhances the success of the Expo Halls in Bressoux (Liège).

In the vibrant surroundings of Bressoux, Liège, a new project is taking shape: the expo center.

This ambitious project not only fits into the revitalization of the region but also contributes to the thriving development of the Port of Liège.

Covering an impressive indoor area of 15,600 square meters, this venue will become an epicenter for events, shows, conferences, and more. Setting up an exhibition plaza opens the doors to outdoor events, turning this place into a cultural hub.

Construction of this ambitious project began in 2021, with completion expected by the summer of 2024, all within an estimated budget of €52 million.

High & Safe was tasked with assessing various hazardous situations and providing an appropriate solution for edge protection. In addition to financial timing and strict deadlines, safety aspects were crucial.

The close scrutiny of Walloon government agencies increased the pressure to find an extremely reliable safety partner. In addition to our advisory role, we also took full execution under our wings.

1. The Hall System

One initial challenge was installing edge protection on the five facades above the main entrance to allow for the safe execution of roofing works. Adjacent to this (see photo 1) is a view of the steel structure upon which the roof was to be placed.

The solution devised by our specialists is the Hall System (see photo 2). The uprights of the edge protection were mounted on the freestanding columns, between which a fence was installed.

2. Sifatec Edge Protection

On the other facades, constructed with sandwich panels, we firmly opted for the Sifatec edge protection (see photo 3). The significant advantage of this solution is that it is specifically designed to prevent damage to the sandwich panels during installation. The system is easy to assemble and disassemble. In total, over 1 km of Sifatec edge protection was installed.

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