• Genie SLA15
Material lifts

Genie SLA15

  • Lifting height 4,98m
  • Max. lifting capacity 363kg
  • Weight 163kg
Price / day: € 30,00
Price / week: € 90,00

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The Genie SLA15, also known as the Superlift Advantage 15 is a mechanical materials lift, which is ideal for lifting items such as heating or ventilation units into place.

The machine has wheels, which makes it easy to relocate. The machines can pass through doorways easily because is less than 2 metres in height and 0.80 m wide. Its stabiliser legs allow you to widen the base of the machine, allowing you to lift up to 363 kg to a height of 5 metres.

Weighing only 163 kg, this machine is easy to transport with a trailer or van.


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