• Isoli PNT 220 NLX
  • Isoli PNT 220 NLX
  • Isoli PNT 220 NLX

Isoli PNT 220 NLX

  • Working height 21,80m
  • Max. outreach 11,20m
  • Platform dimensions 0,70 x 1,40m
  • Loading capacity *250kg
  • Weight 3.500kg
  • Transport height 2,66m
  • Transport width 2,12m
  • Transport length 6,67m
1 day: € 325,00
1 week: € 1300,00
Dayprice ≥ 5d: € 260,00

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The PNT 220 NLX, mounted on vehicles with a cab and weighing less than 3500 kg. And is therefore ideal for autonomous and mobile work at height with a B driving license.

Can be used for maintenance, construction and industrial applications.

The platform, equipped with an articulated telescope, is quadruple stabilized and has no footprint under the basket because it is laterally fixed. This results in a flat bottom of the basket.

Small dimensions with versatile performance

The PNT220NLX aerial platform is one of the most powerful in its category because it combines the advantages of an articulated boom lift (pantograph) with those of a telescopic boom lift. This means that when working along a wall, you can remain parallel over the entire height by moving only the articulated arm (pantograph), while with a telescopic boom lift without an articulated arm you have to correct the reach and height each time and thus you must perform two movements each time instead of one.

In addition, thanks to its third telescopic arm with three sections , this aerial platform offers a lateral reach of +/- 11.20 m at a height of +/- 13 m, which is a great advantage for roofing work.

The attachment at the front of the basket allows it to be placed on the ground to load tools and materials. The large payload of 250 kg also guarantees high performance. This 22 m platform for driving license B is greatly appreciated by users for its stability when working at height, its short length of 6.67 m, its low construction height of 2.66 m. Its very low center of gravity guarantees perfect road holding. The aerial platform is highly valued by rental companies because of its ease of use and the speed of work. Finally, this aerial platform has four stabilization options so that the operator can work in very narrow places in complete safety.


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