• Maeda CC1485
  • Maeda CC1485
  • Maeda CC1485
  • Maeda CC1485
Compact mini cranes

Maeda CC1485

  • Lifting height 16,70m
  • Max. lifting capacity 6.000kg
  • Weight 14.400kg
Price / day: € 750,00
Price / week: € 2250,00

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The Maeda CC1485 stands out for its hoisting capacity, a full 6 tonnes. This machine runs on steel tracks and is powered by an EU Stage III B certified engine, which uses up to 40% less fuel. In the cage, the operator enjoys heating/air conditioning, a reversing camera, and a 7-inch touch screen. The screen allows an overview of the payload in relation to horizontal outreach and working height. You have all the information to hand, but you do not need to check it constantly, thanks to the automatic Load Moment Limiter (ALM). Site managers prefer to have good oversight on the works, and on the condition of materials. And that is why this machine's data logger provides a constant overview of operational history.

This machine's weight, 14,400 kg, dismisses the need for stabilizers, which means that its footprint on site is restricted to its size. Yet, it still offers plenty of reach, with horizontal outreach at 16.00 m and working height 16.7 m. The choice between single or double disc, hook block and a ball hook allows up to 103 m reach into pits.

Maeda provides pick and carry capability on the CC1485 It allows you to move materials weighing up to 2,000 kg, while having 7.00-metre working height and 3.85 m Horizontal outreach.

If you are interested in this model, please feel free to ask us for a demonstration.



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