• Genie SLA25
Material lifts

Genie SLA25

  • Lifting height 7,94m
  • Max. lifting capacity 295kg
  • Weight 204kg
Price / day: € 45,00
Price / week: € 135,00

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The Genie SLA 25, also known as the Superlift Advantage 25, is a mechanical materials lift with a hoist system. It is suitable for use in spaces with restricted access or minimal permitted floor load. It is ideal for use in restricted spaces such as shopping areas or theatre environments, where do not have enough space to raise a mini crane. This machine allows you to lift machines and components to a height of 7.95 metres on walls or ceilings. An ideal unit for installing items such as sprinkler units or electrical distribution cabinets.

This compact unit that is only 0.80 metres wide, is equipped with wheels. And the machine is only 0.74 metres long when in transport mode, and that makes it easy to relocate. Its height is less than 2 metres, which allows makes access through all doorways. The stabiliser legs allow you to widen the base of the machine to 1.85 m, allowing you to lift up to 295 kg to a height of 7.95 metres.

Weighing only 204 kg, this machine is easy to transport with a trailer or van.


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