The 2018 update of our rental list can be downloaded here!

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2018 update of our rental list

A new year, a new rental list. But still with the same prices!

Download them here!only in Dutch of French

Do you prefer a hard copy? Contact us and we will gladly send you our rental list!

Due to constant renewal of our fleet, a number of types have disappeared.
We supplemented the list with new models:

New devices ?!

Questions about our new machines, not sure what you need at your yard? Call us and we will gladly visit you free of charge.
In our training center we teach you everything about the operation and the correct use of all our machines and more. We provide diplomas or certificates. Our courses follow the official route or are completely tailor-made.

Sales: +32 9 368 80 30 or
Heli Safety Academy: +32 9 368 80 40 or

- The Heli Team

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