Product of the month: Slab clamp

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Written by Jurgen Van Droogenbroeck
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The lead-time for constructing an industrial building is getting increasingly shorter. That is why these buildings are being constructed in prefabricated elements. One of those elements is the pre-stressed hollow slab. They are used for both floor and roof spans.

Due to the high risk of falling, installing these slabs is always a dangerous job. The patented slab clamp is the product of choice for fall protection during this task. An automatic fall arrest block with 3 m lifeline increases your freedom of movement. You do not have to think about security and you can concentrate fully on installing the slab correctly.

When the slab is in the right position, you simply click the clamp free and fit it over the next one until the entire slab-floor is in place. There are slab clamps available for both 1200 mm and 600 mm wide slabs.

These slab clamps are the product of the month, so in April you enjoy a temporary promotional price of 1245,00 € excl. VAT including fall arrest device of 3m.

If you like a demonstration or to see the product, please contact us via 09 368 80 50 or

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