New spiderlift on tracks in rental: 2500 RXJ by Omme Lift

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Written by Gunther Van Den Hove
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Starting today, we raise the bar even higher in terms of spider lifts.

Until now, the maximum working height was 22 m, which our crawler articulated telescope Bluelift (C22 - SA22) and the pure telescope Omme (R2200), but now with the Omme 2500 RXJ we can reach 25 m working height.

This machine can operate on diesel or battery power. The diesel engine does not charge the batteries, they can only be charged by 230v AC power. Driving is done via wireless remote, outrigging through the base box and the platform is controlled via the box in the cage.

The default outrigger footprint is 4.60 m x 4.60 m, the outriggers can be set shortened but then the work chart is reduced.

Some important data:

  • Working height: 25 m
  • Max sideways range: 13 m with 80 kg, 10.25 m with 200 kg in the cage
  • Articulating height: 7 m
  • Transport width: 1.10 m
  • Transport height: 2.07 m
  • Net weight: 3,975 kg
  • Non marking tracks
  • Equipped with cage rotation
  • 230V in the cage is possible by connecting the machine to the main power.

Rental price: € 600 per week and € 1,800 per month.

If you'd like more information about this product, contact us freely! or 09 368 80 80

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