• Maeda MC104 CER
  • Maeda MC104 CER
  • Maeda MC104 CER
  • Maeda MC104 CER
  • Maeda MC104 CER
  • Maeda MC104 CER
  • Maeda MC104 CER
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Maeda MC104 CER

  • Lifting height 5,50m
  • Max. working radius 5,10m
  • Max. lifting capacity 995kg
  • Weight 1.150kg
  • Transport height 1,30m
  • Transport width 0,60m
  • Transport length 2,16m

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The MC104 is the baby in the Maeda mini-crane range, but it still has fantastic lifting capacity over the full extent of its reach. This narrow machine can drive through doorways and you can use it in places that traditional cranes cannot access.

The machine can lift payloads of almost a tonne up to a height of 5.50 metres. And you can use it at negative height. By un-doubling the cable, you can work to depths of 16.00 metres, using a single pulley. With a single cable attached to the hook ball, you can even reach a depth of 32.00 metres with a 250-kg payload. 

The MC104 is driven by an electric motor that can be powered from any standard 3-phase power outlet.


  • 0.995 tonnes maximum payload
  • 5.50 m maximum working height (MWH)
  • This is a very narrow unit (600 mm)
  • Electric motor
  • Low ground pressure
  • Manoeuvrable and stable
  • Hydrostatic transmission
  • Remote control
  • 2 years warranty


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