• Ommelift 4200 RJ
  • Ommelift 4200 RJ
  • Ommelift 4200 RJ
  • Ommelift 4200 RJ
  • Ommelift 4200 RJ
  • Ommelift 4200 RJ
  • Ommelift 4200 RJ
  • Ommelift 4200 RJ
Telescopic Spider lifts

Ommelift 4200 RJ

  • Working height 42m
  • Max. outreach 15,20m
  • Transport height 1,99m
  • Transport length 8,93 / 8,33m
  • Transport width 1,75 / 1,35m
  • Weight 6.900kg
  • Loading capacity 230kg
  • Platform dimensions 1,25 x 0,80m

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The sky is the limit for this spider, boom lift on tracks. This model's working height is spectacular for a machine with such limited weight. The cage can carry a 230 kg payload and it is equipped with a 220 V power outlet. And proportional control and this model's jib-arm both allow smoother operation. 
This machine is supplied as standard with Ommelift's auto-setup and take-down function. Options include wireless remote control and white tracks.
The 4200RJ weighs 6900 kg, is 1.35 m wide, and can drive up inclines of up to 27%. And you can adjust the width of the tracks out to 1.75 when you need extra stability or to distribute weight better on sensitive surfaces.
This battery-powered machine measures just under 9.00 m in length, but you can remove the cage for transport. The Ommelift 4200BJD is the model with a diesel engine.

The diesel and battery hybrid power pack makes the lift equally efficient in outdoor as in indoor environments.
At outdoor operation the diesel engine is the natural choice. When working indoor the electronic motors powered by 8 high capacity batteries are the motive force. No annoying and hazardous extension cords connected to mains are needed when travelling inside e.g. atriums. The rapid 2-gear undercarriage is quickly in position with an amazing speed and turning strength.

The Omme Lift 4200 RBDJ is designed to traverse hilly terrain but the crawler chassis is also dispersing the machine's weight of only 6900 kg (15,212 lbs) widely when travelling on delicate surfaces like pavements, lawns, marble or similar. Generally in connection with applications where high and extensive reach is required but low weight a necessity.

The up to 27% set-up ability provides operation on levels where self-propelled booms are unfit to work due to too steep inclines. Or maybe a 40m (ft 131') self-propelled boom weighing 20.000kg (44,000 lbs) is just too big and heavy to use.

Compact dimensions allow access into tight areas. The height is 1.99 m (ft 6'6''). The length is 8.90 m (ft 29'2'') and the detachable basket makes it possible to reduce the length even further. A width of 1.75 m (ft 5'8'') can be retracted hydraulically to only 1.35 m (ft 4'5'').


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