• Ommelift 2600 R
  • Ommelift 2600 R
  • Ommelift 2600 R
  • Ommelift 2600 R
  • Ommelift 2600 R
  • Ommelift 2600 R
  • Ommelift 2600 R
  • Ommelift 2600 R
Telescopic Spider lifts

Ommelift 2600 R

  • Working height 25,80m
  • Max. outreach 12,60m
  • Transport height 1,99m
  • Transport length 7,31 / 6,56m
  • Transport width 1,10m
  • Weight 3.625kg
  • Loading capacity 200kg
  • Platform dimensions 1,25 x 0,80m

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This machine offers 25.80 m working height with 12.60 m horizontal outreach, and the payload capacity varies from 80 kg to 200 kg, depending on the outreach. The RB model weighs 3,625 kg, and it comes with a sturdy battery pack. Ommelift always offers the option of different configurations. For example, you could opt for a jib arm, remote control, inverter, non-marking tracks, or an auto-setup system.
The machine's proportional controls allow easy-of-use and precision control of all this track-propelled boom lift's functions, form on the ground and up to its maximum working height.
Cage rotation and a 360° rotating boom allow you to reach every conceivable position.

Type 2600 RB and 2600 RBD are identical apart from the power sources. Standard features include hydraulic stabilizers, turnable basket and proportional controls. The adjustable stabilizer spread provides substantial reduction in operational width. The basket mounting that forms a "fly" boom mounted to the top boom section gives increased outreach over obstacles. The specially designed steel booms made from high and broad profiles allow greater outreach whilst maintaining a high degree of stability and rigidity. Being short in travelling length the platform is extremely manoeuvrable in narrow places. The self-propulsion system is electronically operated by proportional levers comfortably placed in a light weight mobile control box.

Crawlers at work:
2600 RB is powered by a heavy duty 24 v battery pack. In order to accomodate extreme and long term usage a transformer for direct mains connection is included. This type is especially suited for indoor operation.

2600 RBD is a battery and diesel engine bi-energy unit. This type is therefore suited for both indoor and outdoor usage. The diesel power pack provides an incredible gradeability of remarkable 35%, equivalent to 19.3°, an environment where lift deployment is also possible. Underlining the general stability is the easy self-propulsion manoeuvrability across a 25% (14°) slope. Combined with the strong, non-skid crawler belts this lift type is indeed go anywhere access.


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