• Bluelift SA18
  • Bluelift SA18
  • Bluelift SA18
  • Bluelift SA18
  • Bluelift SA18
  • Bluelift SA18
  • Bluelift SA18
  • Bluelift SA18
  • Bluelift SA18
  • Bluelift SA18
  • Bluelift SA18
  • Bluelift SA18
  • Bluelift SA18
  • Bluelift SA18
  • Bluelift SA18
  • Bluelift SA18
  • Bluelift SA18
  • Bluelift SA18
  • Bluelift SA18
Spider lifts

Bluelift SA18

  • Working height 17,80m
  • Max. outreach 9,30m
  • Transport height 1,99m
  • Transport length 4,44m
  • Transport width 0,78m
  • Weight 1.950kg
  • Loading capacity 230kg
  • Platform dimensions 1,30 x 0,70m

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The Bluelift SA18 is an 18-metre compact spider boom lift. The aluminium cage is easy to dismount and rotation is a standard feature.

This model is also only 0.78 m wide, which makes it easy to access back gardens.

This machine has an electric motor (220 V) and a petrol engine, which makes it suitable for use indoors and outdoors. For interior work, you can opt for non-marking tracks (an available option).
This machine has stabilisers. And that helps keep the weight down to 1,950 kg on the SA18 model and 2,200 kg on the SA18 HB. 

You can set out its stabilisers on inclines up to 11°, while it still has a maximum of 7.40-metre horizontal outreach from the centre of the machine and it can handle payloads up to 230 kg. The area required with the stabilisers in place is only 3 m x 3 m.

Thanks to proportional controls, you can work very precisely and handle intricate jobs. For example, pruning or masonry pointing jobs, while working from surfaces that can only handle limited weights.

Available versions:

- SA18

  • Weight:       1,950 kg
  • Stabiliser area measurements:    3,000 mm
  • Maximum payload:     230 kg
  • Permissible payload at maximum outreach:  80 kg

- SA18 HB:

  • Weight:       2,200 kg
  • Stabiliser area measurements:     3,000 mm
  • Maximum payload:      230 kg
  • Permissible payload when at maximum outreach:  120 kg


  • Easily removable aluminium cage and cage rotation
  • "i-performing electric pump" (patented) with automatic start/stop system
  • 230 V power outlet in the cage
  • Wired remote control with interactive multi-language display
  • Load limiter
  • Automatic turret centring
  • Automatic stabilising system
  • Automatic motor and engine start & stop and RPM limiter
  • Proportional and simultaneous control
  • Proportional steering with hydraulic brake system
  • Double driving speed with safety controls
  • Tilt alarm with safety stop
  • Driving at height (with switch)
  • Interlock stabilisers/booms
  • Emergency stop
  • A simple emergency descent system
  • A manual pump to descend the platform manually
  • Protective plate above the piston rod cylinder, oil tank and emergency controls
  • A modem connection on the remote control for diagnostics or software updates
  • Conforms to EN 280 and international safety regulations


  • Radio remote control
  • Air/water connections
  • HATZ 1B40 diesel engine with automatic RPM limiter and start/stop system
  • 110 V power connection
  • Blue Lithium battery pack*
  • Blue Hybrid battery pack*
  • Non-marking tracks
  • Adjustable track width*
  • "Go home" function
  • You choice of RAL colour

* These options increase the machine's weight


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